So You Want to Write a Mobile App? Place Your Bets

So You Want to Write a Mobile App? Place Your Bets

General Manager at Four J’s Development Tools

Dr. Dobb’s Editor-in-Chief Andrew Binstock hits the nail right on the head with this article that summarizes the dilemma facing all developers looking to enter the world of mobile applications.

It underscores the motivation behind Genero Mobile’s architecture and its key design goal – to increase developer productivity with a development environment that uniquely abstracts code above OS proprietary APIs and yet still renders with the native UI. Apps written in Genero Mobile run indifferently on Android and iOS – an extremely challenging feat, made possible by the lightweight Genero virtual machine architecture.

And if in 3 years time today’s leaders have changed? The portability of Genero Mobile’s virtual machine makes it easy for us to follow, bringing with it your app catalogue.

On top of everything else, you’ll have to make big bets on hardware platforms and development approaches. This won’t be easy.