Our value proposition

Our value proposition

Spend time creating business value rather than wrestling with technology.

Genero Mobile saves you time, effort and money by reducing the developer’s learning curve, expanding the deployment footprint and reducing the ‘time-to-market’ of mobile iOS and Android apps.


1. Simplify development

  1. one source code,
  2. one framework,
  3. one skill set,
  4. one development lifecycle,
  5. one app.

2. Maximize deployment efficiency

  1. smartphones, tablets and desktops,
  2. .IPAs and .APKs from a single source.

3. Create innovative market leaders

  1. innovative apps without the risk, cost and learning curve,
  2. maximum market reach for minimum cost.

4. Improve return on investment

  1. develop 2-10 times faster,
  2. halve development and support costs,
  3. shorten time-to-value,
  4. more time to innovate,
  5. adapt quickly to market trends.